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Hypnotherapy – A Wonderfully Collaborative Process

I have used hypnosis for self-confidence issues, childhood abuse, bulimia, smoking, obsessive and negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, increasing motivation to eat healthier and exercise more, stress reduction, labor preparation, and personality issues. I have been amazed and astounded by the positive response people have had to hypnosis. Many have looked like different people after therapy. Their faces appear refreshed, clear of pain and youthful. Their eyes often have a glassy look, like they have just awoken from a deep, restful sleep. Most have reported feeling renewed, calm, relaxed and confident.

I greatly enjoy the collaborative process of exploring people’s thoughts and feelings. Hearing about the details of their lives, past and present, allows me to create customized hypnotic suggestions for their treatment. They are also an integral part of creating these messages for their subconscious. I use creativity, instinct, paraphrasing and psychology to reflect back to them what they want and need to hear to move forward with their lives. Hypnosis is still a bit of a mystery to me as to how exactly it works so well with such a variety of psychological issues. I am excited to understand this process more as I continue to help people using this amazing tool.


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Michelle Chaytors, B.Sc., M.A. Clinical Counsellor, Adlerian Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Certified EMDR Practitioner.

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